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Patriot Group International Awarded Two Contracts Valued at $4.7 Million Supporting US CENTCOM Counter-Terrorism Initiatives

CHANTILLY, Va. (Sept. 28, 2016)—Patriot Group International (PGI) has been awarded two new Department of Defense (DoD), US Central Command (CENTCOM) contracts to supply equipment to counter-narcotics and counter-terrorism forces in Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

CENTCOM will rely on PGI to deliver more than $4 million of vehicles, communications equipment, uniforms and personal protective gear to Tajikistan during fiscal year 2017. The second contract, valued at $700,000, involves the delivery of uniforms and personal protective gear to Afghan forces via the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, with delivery likely to be completed this calendar year.

“In many cases, the U.S Government’s goal is to train and equip our partner nations to conduct counter-terrorism missions on their home turf. The equipment and vehicles we will deliver under these contracts is an important facet of a broader mission,” said Craig Scherer, PGI Director of DoD Programs. “These efforts increase the independence and capabilities of our allies.”

The U.S. Air Force Air Combat Command, Acquisition Management and Integration Center (ACC AMIC) will manage the two new contracts for CENTCOM under PGI’s Counter-Narcotics & Global Threat Prime Contract.

The CN&GT contract supports the DoD, Combatant Commands (COCOM / CCMD), other Federal Agencies, State and local authorities, and partner nation agencies, to disrupt, deter, and defeat the threat to national security posed by illicit trafficking in all its manifestations—drugs, small arms and explosives, precursor chemicals, people, and illicitly gained and laundered money.

“Our closest allies do not always have the high quality equipment they need to safely execute the mission,” said Rob Whitfield, Chief Operating Officer. “We see these contracts as opportunities to enable our partners to be successful and improve their chances of survival.”

PGI was recently awarded a $26.5 million contract to provide USNORTHCOM with ISR aerial platform support. PGI will focus on the fight against drug trafficking as part of that contract as well.

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