About Us

Since 2004, PGI’s personnel have proudly served customers in more than 30 countries and on six continents, including austere and high threat locations. PGI’s commitment to ethical business practices and quality management form the foundation of its mission focused approach to the success of its customers.

PGI’s leadership team consists of experienced industry professionals with roots in U.S. military special operations and U.S. government intelligence agencies. PGI executives have a deep understanding of the company’s and employees’ missions, as they have personally performed these types of challenging tasks on the ground in conflict zones.

A three-man team acquired PGI in August 2009. The team’s vision was to achieve success by providing a higher level of responsiveness to customer requirements and offering unparalleled support to contractors deployed overseas in austere and hazardous environments. PGI has a long history of providing services in high-risk locations including Afghanistan and Iraq.