Core Values

Core Values

PGI is an expeditionary mission support company with a global presence. Our founders’ guiding principle of respect drives every aspect of our company’s operations.


Our leadership fosters a culture of ethical and professional conduct, from our business practices to our employees.


We are early adopters of industry-based, international proactive risk management standards and codes of conduct, providing our customers with the highest service levels available.


We monitor the pulse of the IC and DoD communities, proactively incorporating relevant technologies and practices into our solutions so that our customers receive responsive, effective services.

PGI’s commitment to ethical business practices and quality management form the foundation of our mission focused approach to the success of our customers. Our leadership team consists of experienced industry professionals with roots in U.S. military special operations and U.S. government intelligence agencies. We demonstrate our commitment to ethical business practices in our industry by maintaining compliance with the ANSI ASIS PSC.1-2012 standard as well as our membership in good standing with the International Code of Conduct Association.

PGI’s institutionalized Quality Management System meets the requirements of the International Quality Standards of ISO 9001:2008. Additionally, PGI is one of the very few companies that is certified ANSI ASIS PSC.1-2012, the internationally recognized Management System for Quality of Private Security Contractors. The comprehensiveness of PGI’s Quality and Risk Management Systems provide an effective and complete set of ethical policies, processes, and procedures that ensure mission success.

Fighting Against Human and Labor Trafficking

Almost 21 million people are victims of forced labor, and nearly 19 million are exploited by private individuals or enterprises. In 2015, a new Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) rule was implemented to strengthen protections against human trafficking, specifically when it comes to federal contracts. Unfortunately, certification can be as simple as signing papers stating a company is compliant—with little or no validation required.  

PGI knows that more can do be done to detect, deter and defeat human trafficking. That’s why we’ve partnered with Chaintegrity. Chaintegrity delivers a comprehensive suite of solutions to companies serious about maintaining supply chains free of trafficked labor. These services include program assessments, screening, training, monitoring, investigations, government reporting and more.

PGI and Chaintegrity strive not to be compliant, but to lead by example, serving as an active participant in the fight to eliminate human and labor trafficking. 

 Security Operations Management System Policy

Patriot Group International Inc. has established a commitment to conform to the standards of ANSI/ASIS PSC.1-2012 Management System for Quality of Private Security Operations. Our obligation to provide services in conformance to these standards extends to all employees, subcontractors, and vendors. We commit to enforce the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Providers and obligations defined in the Montreux Document. PGI is committed to following the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, Implementing the United Nations “Protect, Respect and Remedy” Framework of 2011. Upholding the highest standards of Human Rights Protections is the guarantee of Patriot Group International Inc.