Training & Exercise Support

Tested and refined, hyperrealistic, experience-based solutions

Regardless of the mission, training must be meaningful, sustainable, and effective. PGI’s approach to training is constantly tested and refined in direct support of current operations. Using best practices for adult learning, we design professional, academic-level curriculum; deliver dynamic classroom presentations; and create hyperrealistic scenario based exercises. The results are equally effective for military special operations soldiers, global business travelers, and corporate staff.

Since 2004, we have trained more than one thousand U.S. and allied students in the following:

  • Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) Operations
  • High Threat Protective Operations
  • Anti-Terrorism Force Protection
  • Counter-Narcotics Operations
  • New Equipment Training, Fielding and Maintenance of Existing Systems
  • Advanced Marksmanship
  • Advanced Combat Trauma
  • Advanced Tactical Driving
  • Counter Surveillance / Surveillance Detection
  • Special Operations Combatives and Martial Arts
  • Cultural Awareness and Deployment Preparation
  • Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures, Construction Security, and Surveillance