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Patriot Group International Awarded Human Rights and Compliance (PSC.1) Certification

CHANTILLY, Va. (June 14, 2016) Patriot Group International Inc. (PGI) is proud to announce that it has achieved ANSI/ASIS PSC.1-2012 certification.

PSC.1 is an audit-based certification that establishes a written standard among private security companies. This standard is meant to protect fundamental freedoms and human rights and establish a respect of national/international laws.

PGI provides global mission support to clients within the intelligence, defense and private sectors—often in austere environments where human rights are not protected by a strong government or law.

“More often than not, we provide mission support, security and training overseas as a guest of our friends and allies,” said Robert Whitfield, COO of PGI. “PSC.1 certification is a verifiable demonstration of our transparency and commitment to respectful and compliant business practices.”

PSC.1 means that PGI, its employees and programs are held to a higher level of accountability than many government contractors in the same space. This includes adhering to guidelines about: defining risk criteria, being able to define a client’s needs and requirements, quality assurance policies, establishing internal and external risk communication, weapon and hazardous material procurement and management, personnel training and more.

As a result of the audit’s expansive nature, only a handful of companies have achieved this certification.

The internationally recognized certification focuses on companies that provide security in parts of the world where rule of law has been weakened for a variety of reasons, including war and environmental events. PSC.1-certified companies prove they have the contingency plans to handle projects in these types of work conditions.

“This certification is by no means a requirement to operate in our industry or abroad,” said Whitfield. “However, we always strive to be proactive when it comes to risk management, ethical business practices, respect for human rights and compliance issues. We’re proud we passed this rigorous audit process and are now PSC.1 certified.”

ASIS International and the American National Standards Institute, Inc. developed the audit process and standards. The Montreux Document and the International Code of Conduct for Private Service Providers(ICoC) serve as a basis for PSC.1’s guidelines.

In addition to its PSC.1.-certified status, PGI has an ISO 9001 certified quality management system.

About PGI

Patriot Group International Inc. (PGI) is a global mission support service provider with expeditionary capabilities, providing services to select clients within the intelligence, defense and private sectors. Since 2004, PGI’s personnel have proudly served customers in more than 17 countries, on four continents, including austere and high threat locations. PGI’s commitment to ethical business practices and quality management form the foundation of our mission focused approach to the success of our customers. Our leadership team consists of experienced industry professionals with roots in U.S. military special operations and U.S. government intelligence agencies.

About ASIS International

ASIS International is a global community of security practitioners, each of whom has a role in the protection of assets—people, property and/or information. Its members represent virtually every industry in the public and private sectors and organizations of all sizes. ASIS has developed a series of ANSI standards for private security service providers to assure quality of service, manage risks, and protect human rights in areas where the rule of law has been suspended due to acts of war or natural disasters. Learn more by visiting