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Patriot Group International Wins One of 15 Spots on $975M Counter Narcotics and Global Threats (CN&GT) Prime Contract

WARRENTON, Va. (Feb. 9, 2016) Patriot Group International, Inc. (PGI), a leader in security, defense and intelligence services, was named one of 15 prime awardees in a $975M Counter Narcotics & Global Threats operations and logistics support contract. The nine-year IDIQ contract, which the US Air Force, Air Combat Command – Acquisition Management and Integration Center is overseeing, will be performed within the continental U.S. and outside the U.S. The expected completion date is Jan. 28, 2025.

“As a veteran owned and operated company, PGI has the distinctive ability to attract and retain the specialized talent needed for each mission,” said Greg Craddock, PGI chief executive officer. “Our people excel at performing their duties, especially in austere, high-threat environments.”

PGI is providing its global expeditionary capabilities to help U.S. and partner organizations successfully complete their national security mission to detect and defeat threats associated with narcotics, trafficking, piracy, threat finance networks and transnational organized crime.