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Celebrating Women in our Workplace: Spotlight 2

In 1920, the Nineteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution was passed, giving women the right to vote in America. In 1971, Congress named August 26 as Women’s Equality Day—the date to celebrate this monumental decision and to highlight women and their continued accomplishments. Here at PGI, every day is Women’s Equality Day. We believe that every person should be treated with equal respect, regardless of gender, race or any other defining characteristic. However, we also know that working as a female in a male dominated industry like government contracting has its challenges. We’re lucky enough to have an amazing team working with us.

That’s why we want to take this week to highlight just a few of the talented female coworkers we have the pleasure of working with every day. Throughout the week, we’ll be sharing blurbs about each team member. The women we’re highlighting this week are by no means the only ones who deserve our recognition—each member of our team is vital to PGI, and we appreciate every single person we work with. Today we would like to recognize Christy Beach for her hard work with PGI.

Employee Spotlight: Christy Beach

Christy Beach is Senior Vice President of Contracts and Business Administration at PGI. She joined the team five years ago.

Christy has managed contracts for military, global and domestic security, aviation, special operations and intelligence services, construction, counter-narcotics and global threat, surveillance programs, training/exercise support, and language services, valued up to $4 billion.

She has travelled to numerous high threat locations in the management of these contracts—often ones where women’s rights are not as respected as they are in America—including Afghanistan.

Her career has spanned working with organizations like the US Department of State, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, Department of Energy, Department of Defense, Department of Justice, numerous other government agencies, Bechtel, Westinghouse and SOC.

Christy’s work at PGI has contributed to three significant wins, including a contract with the Defense Intelligence Agency for Global Construction Security Services, a contract with the Department of State for Worldwide Protective Services, and a subcontract with TJFACT supporting Department of Homeland Security’s Program Management, Administrative, Clerical, and Technical Services IDIQ. These projects span several billion dollars in potential awards.

Her work on our team has helped PGI win a place on Inc. 5000’s list of fastest growing private companies in America, four years in a row. When not volunteering with PGI or at work, she enjoys spending time with her beautiful daughters.