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Celebrating Women in our Workplace: Spotlight 3

In 1920, the Nineteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution was passed, giving women the right to vote in America. In 1971, Congress named August 26 as Women’s Equality Day—the date to celebrate this monumental decision and to highlight women and their continued accomplishments. Here at PGI, every day is Women’s Equality Day. We believe that every person should be treated with equal respect, regardless of gender, race or any other defining characteristic. However, we also know that working as a female in a male dominated industry like government contracting has its challenges. We’re lucky enough to have an amazing team working with us.

That’s why we want to take this week to highlight just a few of the talented female coworkers we have the pleasure of working with every day. Throughout the week, we’ll be sharing blurbs about each team member. The women we’re highlighting this week are by no means the only ones who deserve our recognition—each member of our team is vital to PGI, and we appreciate every single person we work with. Third, we’d like to highlight our CFO Darla Moon.

Employee Spotlight: Darla Moon

Darla joined PGI as our chief financial officer in 2016. As many of you know, we’ve grown very quickly as a Darla Mooncompany. As a result, our executive team is focused on making sure the financial side of our business is being managed to both positively handle the growth, and to help PGI continue on this trajectory. Darla was—and still is—our answer. She came to PGI with years of experience in the government contracting industry. She has deep insight into this industry and how its companies operate—including its defense and security sectors.

Since joining the team, she’s helped PGI migrate our Deltek system to a more advanced version—one that is more equipped to handle the demands of our quickly growing business. She’s worked with us to negotiate deals, plan bids and of course, to lay out a plan for financial growth and reporting. She’s truly becoming the financial face of our company.

As for women’s equality, she says she wants to teach women everywhere that to achieve equality in the workplace, they have to work hard, have a voice and make sure they are counted. It’s all about striving for what you want.

She reminisces about her father, saying he instilled a mentality in her that she is a force to be reckoned with in her own right. He always taught her that there is no one to compete with but herself. She says that’s one of the most important lessons she’s learned, especially working in a male-dominated industry. Early in her career, Darla was frustrated when she compared how she wanted to conduct business to how those around her did. She mentions having to remind herself of her Dad’s advice—don’t try to race someone else’s race. To Darla that means finding your voice, your platform, your vision. You must then strive to be true to that every day, while maintaining high expectations of yourself.

When not working with the complex financial projects of a multi-million-dollar company, Darla enjoys spending time with her daughter.